Where am I?

Bending my mind around the magnitude of talent and thought that went into some of the art I have experienced takes me to another world whenever I need a vacation from this reality.

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Breakfast at the beach access

Chest high and smooth as silk, these half barrels break far enough out that you can ride them all the way down the beach.

The sun breaks through the rain clouds and shines a constant beam on the lone old-timer in a full wetty braving the cold Atlantic this morning, as I quietly chew my burrito.   Continue reading

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hates dancing


Let’s pretend you are stuck in a room of about a dozen people and they are all dancing. They are laughing, smiling, having a great time and they are all dancing. Everyone is dancing except for you and that’s because you hate dancing.

You hate everything about dancing.   Continue reading

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Feral Cat donations

I have had a GoFundMe for over a year and just recently added a new page to this blog so folks can donate directly to me. I love this! Check it out! 🙂

Please help support our feral cats

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reading the Blurb, but not the entire post

Business agreement deal at coffee shop

When you only read the blurb, the lead-in that describes a written article, but you fail to click the link and read the entire post, are you getting the Big Picture, or just the teaser that has nothing to do with the final words?

Some folks read the blurb and they think they know what the gist of the entire post is and they respond, but only to the blurb. This is a bit frustrating to those of us that spend hours composing a thoughtful article that the blurb barely scratches the surface of.

Why bother writing beyond the blurb if that’s all folks are reading?

“I was told I have an inoperable tumor and only have one week left to live. I was going to another doctor to get a second opinion.” [ 684 more words ]   Continue reading

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my Memorial to a rant

I read a Facebook post that let me know the woman that I knew back in 2013 has died. People are memorializing her on Facebook like she was a saint. Whether the woman ascends or descends, this girl here does not care.

Right after I heard the news I shared it with another friend and former victim of the same woman. She asked me how I felt and I told her truthfully “I feel nothing, but relief.”

May 12, 2013   Continue reading

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Hey! it’s my party…

dancing with the belly dancer on my birthday in Cairo, Egypt

Watching some of the new reality television shows where the parents or the friends are throwing a birthday party for someone, is so fascinating to me. I feel like I’m watching some secret and ancient ritual that only the privileged few were ever privy to. Guess why I find these shows so interesting!   Continue reading

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