What do you believe?

What do you believe?

This isn’t a question about spirituality. This is a question about your core beliefs about yourself and how you manage and construct your life as you age.

What do you believe in order to add new friends to your life?

As of late I have discovered I have not always been the greatest person when it comes to picking out friends. I am starting to get better at this, but my past continues to poke me in the eye in the meantime. Since I was old enough to hold hands on the playground, I have gathered as many friends to me as possible. At any time over the last five decades there has been a large group of people I called “friend” and all of them received my love and attention 100% of the time. After 50 years that’s a lot of time spent loving people. Unfortunately for me, it was a lot of time spent loving the wrong people.    Continue reading

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Don’t take it personally…

The bumper sticker on my Volkswagon Bug the entire time I owned it.

Don’t take it personally.

How often has someone dropped those pearls of wisdom on you? I seem to hear it a lot these days and every time it makes me feel inadequate, as if I’m deficient because I’m taking something personally and I probably shouldn’t be. So when my friend tells me not to take it personally, I take it personally that she just told me not to take it personally because really…I have no idea what that means. Do you?

What does it mean to take something personally?   Continue reading

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my Memorial to a rant

I read a Facebook post that let me know the woman that I knew back in 2013 has died. People are memorializing her on Facebook like she was a saint. Whether the woman ascends or descends, this girl here does not care.

Right after I heard the news I shared it with another friend and former victim of the same woman. She asked me how I felt and I told her truthfully “I feel nothing, but relief.”

May 12, 2013   Continue reading

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Hey! it’s my party…

dancing with the belly dancer on my birthday in Cairo, Egypt

Watching some of the new reality television shows where the parents or the friends are throwing a birthday party for someone, is so fascinating to me. I feel like I’m watching some secret and ancient ritual that only the privileged few were ever privy to. Guess why I find these shows so interesting!   Continue reading

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If you wanna know what I know, CLICK HERE!

You guys have all gotten those emails, chain letters or seen the infomercials; they keep you right on the edge of your seat thinking that any second now they’re going to reveal some long lost secret to success and happiness, but it’s just more of the same hooey!

“If you want to be successful, click here!”   Continue reading

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karma cleanseThe only people that think that Karma is a bitch are the ones that bear the marks of her teeth. If you want good Karma, practice good Karma.

I used to fight back against the trolls in my life, but I stopped doing that. Now I see them as the lessons they are meant to be and make a quiet exit. I might write a post or two for my blog, but it’s not so much about the person, as it is about their behavior. I write for myself and for anyone that comes along having the same experience. We are not alone out there.  

Karma I saw thatOther than that, I do not allow them the gift of my awareness. I am being good to myself this way. I am being good to the other people in my life this way.

Occasionally, I do see Karma at work. I used to think this would make me happy. To see someone that’s mean and horrible get what they deserve might feel really good. But it doesn’t. What it makes me feel is more and more aware of how I choose to live my own life and that going the way of goodness and integrity is always the best way to go.

Which way will you go today?








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is that a Worm in my apple? Or am I becoming a rotten person?

now that I have your attention…

It has been the year of exits for me and some of my *cough*friendly*cough* connections. Being the bitchy one that calls a person out for behaving like a jerk and then walking away from them because I just don’t want to deal with anymore of their drama, is not an activity I enjoy. I don’t know of anyone that enjoys that. It’s exhausting and debilitating.

Even when I have a nice, quiet egress from someone that turns my stomach sour with their histrionics and machinations, I still end up grieving and saddened that it had to happen. It is also frustrating to know that I made another bad choice in picking the person I was going to spend my time with.

Why does this keep happening?!

Why it happens is irrelevant. Life happens and people will come and go no matter how picky we try to be. You are just never going to know someone, until you get to know them. It’s kind of like cutting open a watermelon, or biting into a peach. Some days they’re deliciously ripe and wonderfully sweet, and other days you get a rotten sourpuss. But you keep eating fruit, right? You keep trying until you find the perfect one, or one that’s close enough, one that’s good for you, that you can enjoy.

I told one of my friends recently that I was starting to worry that perhaps I have stopped liking people. Can you imagine that? What can you do when you lose your enthusiasm for human beings? What if I’m supposed to live out the rest of my life as this mean, bitchy old woman that tells everyone to fuck off? She laughed and said that I wasn’t a mean, old woman and that I was finally figuring out where my personal boundaries are. She said if I have to tell someone to fuck off, I probably won’t miss them.

I guess what that really means is you eventually realize that you can look forward to a lot more happiness and a lot less drama once you finally start to know who YOU are.

Until next time, this is Madeline Laughs and I’d like to dedicate this post to my friend Trish, who knows who she is and can spot a good friend from thousands of miles away, on a sandbar in the Atlantic Ocean.

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