Dealing with bitter people

Dealing with bitter people can be exhausting, if you let it be. Bitter people resent your good fortune, your life and just about everything about you, and they let you know it. Yes, they let you know it, usually in a passive aggressive way. They are not fun people to have around.

So how do you deal with a bitter person in your life?

I decided to start my research by Googling some good quotes on bitterness. Here’s some of the ones I found;   Continue reading

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it’s so easy being green

it ain’t easy being green

it ain’t easy being small

it ain’t easy to be seen

it ain’t easy when you fall

But it’s easy to find space

And it’s easy to fit in

It’s so easy in this place

I’ll hold the door, go on in


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when Married People fight

Why are you so upset?

I’m upset because I just spent the last three hours trying to say I’m sorry for spending time with her husband this weekend. I invited him over to watch a game on television with me and my husband.

Why was she so mad?

They’re separated because she threw him out of the house.

Oh. So why did you invite him over if they’re fighting?

Because we wanted to find out what his story was and if he wants to go back to her.

Did he tell you?   Continue reading

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do you know a Megalomaniac too?

This guy never flew a plane in his life, certainly never had a pilot’s license, never set foot on the USS America and what he describes never happened, but he can sure sell it to ya!

What is Megalomania?

~from Wikipedia

“Megalomania is a psycho-pathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence. Megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs.”

Whichever way this manifests in an individual, it is very clear that in order for this person to lead any kind of normal life, they must take medication. However medication alone is not enough and only treats the anxiety the person suffers from. The internal work of accepting their true selves has to be done with a psychiatrist and it is a long and arduous task of correcting that imbalance. Talking therapies generally do not work for them.

Empathy, remorse, and regret are all words that are seldom found in their vocabulary.   Continue reading

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Atop the world and safe in being loved

atop my friend’s furry head

atop my sanctuary

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your enemy is their new friend

Flesh eating predator; the Condor

Note: This happened to me a very long time ago, so there is no need to offer me comforting words, even though they still feel good. I am so much stronger and evolved today than I was when this was happening to me. I tell this story today because one thing anyone deciding to tell their story of abuse needs to be very aware of, is how to tell their story in a way that keeps them from harm and from being abused any further. I hope this finds you well and ready to start a new and healthier path.

They say that birds of a feather, flock together and this saying couldn’t be more fitting when it comes to toxic personalities. Those turkey vultures sure love to get together to smack their smelly lips over your dead body. How they get together is a mystery, unless you’re the culprit giving them clues.

Do yourself a favor and stop leaving a trail of bread crumbs for them to follow.   Continue reading

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a lucky rejection

Do you remember the conversation we had at our friend’s memorial?

The conversation where you said “We shouldn’t wait for situations like this to catch up with each other. We should stay in touch.” My heart literally sang!

It was so incredibly nice to be shown this welcoming and friendly presence after so many years of being shunned and mistreated by you. I was floored with gratitude. Perhaps it was the venue and the somber feelings of regret and loss that softened you that day. You were so beautifully warm after so many years of behaving  like an arrogant self-possessed jerk.  Continue reading

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