Please help support our feral cat colony


Our feral cat colony needs your support

A few years ago my husband and I started feeding two stray cats that showed up in our yard one day. Before we knew it, we were feeding several cats. Our colony is now twenty cats large. We wanted to be responsible about this new venture, so we trapped each cat and had each of them spayed or neutered. They were given rabies shots and checked for diseases. Each month they are treated for fleas and and they are wormed twice a year. Figuring out how to administer medicines and supplements was a chore since they are wild and don’t like to be touched much. I have a few small spray bottles of Neosporin that I aim at them during breakfast if I see cuts, abrasions or open sores. If they are hurt badly we make a trapping plan that won;t injure them further before we can get them to see the vet. It has become expensive for us now. We go through about 30 pounds of kibble a week and over a dozen or so large cans of wet food. Medications are costly and some cats require dental work. We have spent quite a lot having one of the cat’s teeth fixed so he could eat again. Speaking of vets, we have the best! Dr. Botzman has a mobile vet office and comes right to us. He performs surgeries, teeth extractions and gives regular basic shots and checkups right in our driveway. He takes great care of us and all of our furbabies. He is awesome as a vet and an all around great guy too. This is something we have grown to love and we want to continue caring for these lovely animals for as long as they will keep coming back to visit us each day. Your donation will be really appreciated by us, and by all of them. Thank you so much!


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  1. Thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️


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