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Are you seeking Validation on Facebook?

Note: I should add that I am not friends with many of the people I mention below, on Facebook or otherwise. I am still friends with a few, and I think those will be easy to spot. Happy reading! I … Continue reading

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Hey! I made you a mixed tape *wink*

I’ve noticed lately that one of the new technological wooing techniques is emailing the object of your affection a song. Whether you’ve downloaded the song illegally or not, doesn’t seem to be the point. Sometimes it’s a video from Youtube, … Continue reading

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Is something in your eye? Oh! You were Flirting!

I thought it might be a great idea to take an intermission from the dating sagas to talk about the key ingredient used to get dates, flirting. I’m not a flirt. I try to be one, but the synapses just … Continue reading

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