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Middle-age Madness

by SkyRooster My mother and I never really had an about life conversation except one. Upon turning 40, she made it a point to enlighten me that there would come a day soon, when I would wake up and feel … Continue reading

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Fixing Me Will Never Fix You

by Madeline Laughs I know all about gossip. First of all, I’m not an anonymous kind of gal. Even though I might write under a pen name, my real friends know exactly who I am. Usually if I have something … Continue reading

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Romanticising; I’ve got it under control

When I was younger, I romanticized everyone I met. I imagined all the people I had contact with to be absolutely perfect human beings, heroes, and heroines. I’m not sure how I developed this habit, but it took me many, … Continue reading

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50 ways to leave your lover, asshole

Do you remember that song by Paul Simon? 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover? Make a new plan Stan. Jump on the bus Gus. Don’t need to be coy Roy. You just get yourself freeeeeee. I like Paul Simon, but … Continue reading

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Love the One You’re With, Just the Way They Are

Contrary to what most of you might think, I have dated. This advice is offered unsolicited to any woman out there having troubles finding the right mate. It might not snare a man for you, but it will sure give … Continue reading

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Confessions from ThingsICan’tStand

I can’t stand the crinkling sound those small potato chip bags make when someone has their hand inside trying to grab a handful of chips. It annoys the crap out of me. But if I’m the one with my hand … Continue reading

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