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The only people that think that Karma is a bitch are the ones that bear the marks of her teeth. If you want good Karma, practice good Karma. I used to fight back against the trolls in my life, but … Continue reading

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Dear Sandy Bottom Construction Company

Dear Sandy Bottom Construction Company, The neighborhood didn’t say anything when you ran heavy equipment until late in the evenings, shaking all of our houses on stilts so badly that things fell from shelves. We didn’t comment when your bulldozer … Continue reading

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doing the Right thing

Some people are just incapable of doing the right thing. It doesn’t matter what kind of chaos they leave in their wake or how many people they hurt, or friends they lose. It just seems better to do what is … Continue reading

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Quote from Anais Nin opens my eyes

by Madeline Laughs My friend Jenny shared an Anais Nin quote with me that struck home after spending an enormous waste of my time trying to process a situation I never asked for. I told her that with all things … Continue reading

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Fixing Me Will Never Fix You

by Madeline Laughs I know all about gossip. First of all, I’m not an anonymous kind of gal. Even though I might write under a pen name, my real friends know exactly who I am. Usually if I have something … Continue reading

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