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4 ways to avoid getting stuck in a spider’s Web

There are folks in this life that can weave a web of deceit for their own agenda that is intricate, beautiful and deadly, all at the same time. I have been fortunate to watch this process from beginning to sticky … Continue reading

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“taken out of context”…exactly what does that mean and where did it go?

“It was taken out of context.” What does this mean? According to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English it’s this: “take/quote something out of context. to repeat part of what someone has said or written without describing the situation in … Continue reading

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why do you Expect it to be Different?

I’m never sure if it’s resilience, that blind, forgiving bitch in our lives called hope, or just denial, that gives people permission to stay in a situation that is just not healthy for them to be in. I see it … Continue reading

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the Promise of a Gift

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What’s normal?

Someone told me once that their own family life was so dysfunctional that when they were growing up and would see a normal family, they would get insanely jealous.  She said she never grew out of that and even today, … Continue reading

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Fixing Me Will Never Fix You

by Madeline Laughs I know all about gossip. First of all, I’m not an anonymous kind of gal. Even though I might write under a pen name, my real friends know exactly who I am. Usually if I have something … Continue reading

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How to lose a friend on Facebook

by Madeline Laughs How easy is it to lose a friend on Facebook? It’s as easy as hitting a keystroke on your keyboard. What expedites the loss is when you have a third party involved that wants the friendship to … Continue reading

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