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Never allow someone to isolate you

When you start to realize you’ve been isolated, often it’s too late to reverse the damages done. Sometimes you will have no idea just how isolated you are until situations arise that require you to be in the presence of the perfect storm. What … Continue reading

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are you searching for Information on narcissism?

  Everyday I look at the search terms people use to find this blog and everyday I see the word “narcissist”. Seeing this word is a double edged sword for me. On one hand I am happy that people are … Continue reading

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Winning the Narcissist Slayer Award!!!

This was a pleasant surprise because although I have written several articles about my own experiences with narcissists, I never expected to be recognized for having finally recovered enough to be recognized as someone who was healing, rather than continuing … Continue reading

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What I Learned from Living Through Hell – The Narcissist Slayer Award and Nominees

Originally posted on Love—Life—OM:
I’m a Narcissist Slayer. Narc Slayer for short. I know several other Narc Slayers. I bet you do, too. Roughly two (2) years ago when I started actively writing on this blog about my…

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