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Are Facebook Comments just Wasted Keystrokes?

WARNING: this Post is about one of those things that happens, but no one ever addresses. A white elephant, an under the rock piece… Have Facebook Comments become a huge waste of your time lately? Every morning during my week … Continue reading

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Madeline Laughs, an unDisciplined Writer

by Madeline Laughs I would love nothing more to do all day long, except write. Many of my close personal friends that read my writing these days tell me that I have a very twisted mind. I admit that this … Continue reading

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Getting back to where I Belong

by Madeline Laughs I’ve had my world rocked pretty hard. I have no one to blame, but myself. I climbed in that rocking chair and I moved in ways to start the momentum. In the beginning it was soothing and … Continue reading

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When I die

by Madeline Laughs You know, I’m not that old. But for my short time here on earth I have experienced every kind of grief there is. I’ve lost close family members and friends to illness and accidents, I’ve lost a … Continue reading

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