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Cultivating and reconnecting

Lately I’ve eased up on my writing and have immersed myself into the blogging community and started doing more reading. I wanted to know what other people like me, that feel compelled to write, were talking about. It has been … Continue reading

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When someone doesn’t Like your comments…on Facebook

by Madeline Laughs There have been many times when I comment on something on Facebook and the person that did the post will Like everyone’s comments, but mine. That’s pretty obvious. They evidently didn’t Like what I had to say. … Continue reading

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Living and Dying on Facebook

by Madeline Laughs Did you hear? No. What happened? He almost died! Oh no! He was in the hospital! In Intensive Care! 

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What’s left to honor?

by Madeline Laughs Right around the time I started changing the way I viewed relationships with friends, I was in the throes of a personal crisis and feeling very insecure about who I was and how I handled personal dilemmas. … Continue reading

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Getting off on Facebook

Single Not Desperate When I decided to get back into the local dating scene and used up every resource available on Match.com, one of my girlfriends suggested I join one of her dating groups on Facebook. Facebook? There are dating … Continue reading

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