Morine Myslinski

When I “met” Madeline on Facebook, I felt an immediate and positive connection. Later, when we met in real life, I knew my initial instincts were spot-on. As a woman, a blogger/writer, and a dear, dear friend, she is like no one I’ve ever had the privilege to include in my life.

There are many lofty words to describe her, though none can fully express the multi-layered depth of her beautiful spirit and essence. Let me offer up just a few that apply, though: Integrity. Honesty. Empathy. Courage. Humor. Heart. Insightful. Kind. Passionate. Direct. Thought-provoking. Articulate. Loving. Strong. Real. Perceptive. Loyal.

Madeline’s blog entries often originate from a personal place – usually an incident that has affected her deeply — and she has an uncanny ability to clearly see the life lessons derived from that experience and apply them to a greater canvas, one which connects to our collective perspective, so we are inclined to examine our own hearts, our reactions and behaviors. Not only does she convey the crux of the matter in plain language, she also manages to find new ways to teach us something about ourselves as we relate to her truths.

Life can be complicated. Friendship, love, trust, communication, candor, personal boundaries…they all play a part in our interpersonal relationships. These are some of the territories Madeline isn’t the least bit afraid to explore with us. Whether she makes us think, laugh, cry, nod in affirmation, or send us off on a quest for self-awareness, we will always FEEL something after reading her words of wisdom. And that is a rare gift.

Morine Myslinski


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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