Tess Whitehurst Adams – Outer Banks, NC

Katy wrote a blog featuring my band High Tide back in 2013; soon after we were invited to play at the Spring Mustang Music Festival. I was also contacted by the drummer from my first band (*circa 1979 **Gulp) who lives in Las Vegas and had stumbled upon the blog. We had not connected in over 25 years!

Her writing style has a kind of musical tempo. It takes you from subject to subject and sometimes emotion to emotion with grace. I am constantly astounded by the similarities in our lives. From dealing with old friends and understanding the changes in each other’s lives, to celebrating new friends and the complicated nature of the new friends, friends.

I have used Katy’s advice in my own life establishing boundaries with family members. I cheer her on when she courageously addresses personal and painful childhood memories. There’s a little bit of something for everyone but certainly for those of us addressing the midlife and beyond, Madeline Scribes is a must read.

Tess Whitehurst Adams, Kitty Hawk, NC

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